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Learn VueJS and a Hackathon

The first step to financial freedom is knowing what are your expense and optimize for saving. Yes, I can just go Android playstore and download an app, but hey I’m a programmer, where’s the fun in that!

For unknown reason we (my brother and I) got selected joining hackathon by one of the biggest bank in Indonesia. There goes my reason for building my own financial app.

I named my application Kertas (literally mean paper in English)

Getting Started with VueJS

All I know about frontend are just some css and js, so doing VueJS was new to me. Thankfully VueJS has a really good documentation, it’s really straightforward.

$ npm install --global vue-cli
$ vue init pwa kertas
$ cd kertas
$ npm install
$ npm run dev

Done. We end up build a PWA app using Vuetify as our UI toolkit. The rest of the code was our business logic implementation.

The Hackathon

One of the fun thing about hackathon is meeting like-minded people. The venue was really nice, quiet, lot of food and awesome organizers.

Obviously we didn’t win, because what we built is not an innovation. We did the boring stuff.

But hey, at least I got some value out of it:

Ok, see you at the next hackathon, friends!