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Installing Flower (Real Time Monitor for Celery)

TL;DR If you use Celery 3.0.x, install flower with this command

$ pip install flower==0.7.3 tornado==3.2.2

The long version

I thought this would be easy, at least that what the documentation said.

$ pip install flower
$ flower --port=5555

But I got this instead:

AttributeError: 'Worker' object has no attribute '_fields'.

It turns out, pip install flower install 0.8.3 which is only compatible with Celery >= 3.1

Ok. Let’s move on and install previous version.

$ pip install flower==0.7.3
$ flower --port=5555

This give me another error.

AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'GoogleMixin'

This issue related with tornado, flower use tornado>=3.2.0 in its and install latest version of tornado which 4.3 which doesn’t work for flower 0.7.3

You need to install tornado from version of 3.x

$ pip install tornado==3.2.2

There you go, it should be working now.